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Workout Trend To Try: Anti-gravity Fitness - Health Diet Fitness - Stylebistro

December 14, 2014

Crunch instructor Lorianne Major leading an Airbarre class. Classes reinvent popular exercise forms, such as barre, yoga and Pilates, and adaptsthose movements for an aerial workout. What you get is a challenging full-body routine. Our own Anti-Gravity Airbarre instructor from Crunch Gym , Lorianne Major, explains that the classes bring upper and lower body conditioning together with core training. "You'll super tone your legs, butt and thighs visit while building arm strength and long, lean lines," she says. And it's open to all fitness levels. "Anyone who can do at least three consecutive situps can do Anti-Gravity training," she notes. Crunch instructorLorianne Major leading an Airbarre class. (Source: Crunch) As for health benefits, aerial movementsallow you to lengthen your spine, relieving it website from any pain built up from poor posture.Those visit the site inversions also help refresh your lymphatic and circulatory systems, and are quite cathartic.
Full story: http://www.stylebistro.com/Health+Diet+Fitness/articles/Bp9NCqlOGrs/Workout+Trend+Try+Anti+Gravity+Fitness

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